What I Offer

Foundation Author Coaching

This gets you membership to our amazing Facebook group! We offer  writing sprints three times a day, a weekly video chat on a subject relevant to writing, daily encouragement, helpful tips each day, and a monthly chat with an industry professional. ~ $50 plus PayPal processing fee.

Add On Options

Weekly Call

One phone call per week (30 minutes) to help keep you on track.  +$20 per month.

Weekly Reading

You will send me what you've written at the end of each week and I will read and offer feedback. +$30 per month.

Daily Reading

You send me chapters each day and I read and offer feedback for you before you begin your writing the next day. +$50 per month.

Daily Motivation

Daily messages of encouragement and motivation on each of your writing days. I'll be there as much or as little as you need. +$25 per month

Monthly Webinar +$10 per month

Price is only for existing authors.

Additional Services

Story/Series Bible

 Read through of your book(s).  Extensive 1-sheet Character Bios for Main (2-5) Characters: Personality, Growth, Mannerisms, etc.   Timeline of Events (Author’s choice of List or Chart)  2-5 Pages of Plot and Subplot Bullet Points for quick reference.  (Optional) Vocabulary Reference Guide. $100 for the first book. $75 for each additional book in the series. 

Alpha Reading

Have an already finished book? Let us take a read through for you and offer feedback.

20k-50k - $50

60k-90k - $80

100k-120k - $120

More thank 120k upon request

Outlining Tutorial

 This will be 2-5 days spent working on the outline together, includes worksheets and feedback. $25 

Don't see an exact fit?

We'd love to create a package that fits your needs, contact us at jessicagibson.coaching@gmail.com

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